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I am a photographer and visual artist from Lithuania. After studies in law and a career in an

international bank I gave up everything and re-started my career in creative industries in

London since 2012. After couple of years I came back to Lithuania where I continue my

practice while working in advertising.

My interests revolve around the city, which, I believe, is one of the most important and most

reflective creation of the human. I am particularly interested in the topics, like perception of

the space and time, systems of objects, errors, urbanism and expansion, city versus nature,

human identity and its reflections on the city.


I call my creative approach as “fictional documentary”. My creative process and visuals are

very much influenced by past career experiences therefore my approach to art is very

systematic, logical, have multiple layers. I love to make large-scale photographs that appropriate

visual language of advertising – the visuals are clean, vivid, a bit unrealistic. My photographs

never show the past - they are never about documentation and collective archive. Instead, I

choose to play with a photo medium to communicate certain symbolic means, to tell fictional

stories so I could deliver a message I want to communicate about.


I am published and exhibited internationally, awarded in photo contests, like, Gregory Crewdson

Uncanny, Photolux or CBRE Urban Photographer of the year, few to mention. My works were

acquired by art collectors in Lithuanian and abroad. You can see my detailed CV > here <

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